Monday, February 25, 2008

Fine Dining

Heading out this morning we decided to get a good coffee to start the day. When we arrived at a little cafe across from the impressive gates of the garden, we saw that a woman was having a little "tartine" with her coffee. We'll have two of the same. Merci. After a leisurely stroll around the Jardin du Luxembourg, we decide to carry on walking to the Tour Montparnasse. Europe's second-tallest tower block. We take the elevator to the 59th. floor restaurant "Le Ciel de Paris" with it's spectacular view. We are seated in direct view of the Eiffel tower, and would have been seated right next to the window, but with Larry's reticence with heights we opt for the second tier and have an equally as nice and unobstructed view. I will leave the pictures of our meal to describe themselves.

Needless to say, this was a two hour lunch. One is always thankful for the rest, and the unobtrusive way the wait staff allow you to linger as long as you like...just call them when you want the bill. Bliss.
This is my "Plat du Jour", which is always such an amazing value. This is "canard" duck and served in the most mouthwatering sauce with fresh herbs....oohing and aahing at each bite. There is no "gobbling" here. The tastes are so unique that you literally have to savour every mouth full. THIS is why French women don't get fat!

This is Larry's choice. A mix of seafood in a puff pastry that encases the bowl.

Peek Inside

Ina Garten suggests going to Café de Flore some evening which is just down the street in our neighborhood. After going over the apartment with the landlady and procuring our deposit, we decide to have a little nap and venture out into the evening. We have been much too tired to do much night life in Paris. After walking the entire day, it is nice to put up the feet and ready for the next onslaught. This night however, we are looking forward to omelets and champagne.

We are not disappointed.
Café de Flore sits on the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Rue St. Benoit, in the 6e arrondissement of Paris. Historically, it has been famed for its intellectual clientele. Tonight it is just us....don't even spot Ina and Jeffrey.

The classic Art Deco interior of all red seating, mahogany and mirrors has changed little since World War II. Like its main rival, Les Deux Magots, it has hosted most of the French intellectuals during the post-war years. It is said that Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir would meet here and discuss their philosophy of existentialism over a drink.

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