Monday, February 18, 2008

Napoleon's Tomb at Les Invalides

These feet have done a lot of walking. Here they are headed off to Napoleon's Tomb. This was actually yesterday, but I was too tired
to send off messages upon our return home.

Les Invalides was amazing. Larry and I were joined by Jane and Michael and we all were very impressed with this monument. The day was sunny and brilliant, still breezy and cold, but at least it's not snow! Larry was specially pleased to see the relief area of battles and the entire place was easy to navigate and not very crowded. Good day had by all.

We had another wonderful late lunch and Michael left to go back to Brussels so he could attend his Dutch lessons Monday morning.

Jane, Larry and I spent today at the Louvre. It's such a magnificent structure aside from all the precious works. We lunched at Cafe Ruc and had the croque monsieur recommended by The Barefoot Contessa. What a woman. She never lets us down! Today we took the bus and I will be doing this from now on. So much for seeing sights by walking, I can't waste my feet anymore. Saving them for the end. Shopped at Monoprix which is a french equivalent of WalMart in some ways. You can get a little of everything and it's not horribly expensive. Suits us just fine.
We needed some apartment supplies and dinner, so that was a good stop. Bused back to our place and Jane carried on to take the train back to Brussels. We are all a bit done in after these looooooooooong days.

Tomorrow morning the plumber has to come for some dumb things, but the landlady thinks I speak good enough french that I can handle him. I will jog off to the open market first thing and Larry and I will take turns waiting on M. le Plombier. If he isn't on time, as he wasn't last time, we will not be spending our day awaiting another french institution.

We have tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday, then off to Belgium for the weekend. I will end with an adorable photo of the cutest troupe of boy scouts. I found them ...well, they kept colliding with me in the armour section of the museum and they finally were collared by the security guards and told to be more disciplined. The first kid that spoke up when I asked if I might take their picture actually had a very British accent and when I asked if they were boy scouts he said...well, not really, we're more like Brownies...only boys!!! This is Paris!

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