Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paris Update - Piaf

I guess I should start this with a recap of yesterday because I need to keep you updated on my daily shoe photo. We went to the Pere LaChaise cemetery. It was my quiet day. Quiet indeed. We went to Edith Piaf's grave and just as I was composing my shot of the family tomb, a little French man quietly approached, crossed himself and touched the gravestone. He started to cry. I joined him and became profoundly touched by the reverence that Paris holds for the little sparrow. If you have not seen "La Vie En Rose", you must.

(Click here to listen to Edith Piaf herself singing La Vie en Rose.)

The young actress who plays Edith will surely win an Oscar and both she and Edith have my heart. I took many many pictures of the tombs.It was a brilliant day, and for the first time I felt warm in Paris. Somehow I belonged in this place. I don't know what the significance is, but I LOVED the serenity and the respectfulness of everyone in there cherishing the memory of someone loved. We wound in and out of the sepulchers and felt totally at peace. There were many active internments taking place which surprised us, if for nothing else than the cost that it must be these days to be buried in this magnificent property. It was indeed a place that lowers it's voice in Paris.I do hope that my musical skills will increase upon my return due to my homage to Chopin.

This was really a wonderful place in Paris and I'm so glad that I convinced Larry that taking buses is the way to go. He tends to enjoy the Metro and get quickly from point A to point B. My theory is that the voyage is the thing. We got to see parts of Paris that we never would have ventured to by this really civilized means of transport. Since we were "on the buses" we continued into the downtown and decided to go for tea at the famous Laduree. I had a hot chocolate, which would have done in anyone but the most intrepid chocoholic. One would think that this would suffice for months, but chocolate is chocolate n'est pas?

These are some pictures to show you what I ATE!!!!!

Got a few goodies in the Maille mustard shop and then decided we had enough steam left to walk to the BIG stores. Le Printemps has a wonderful view of the city from it's 9th. floor cafeteria.

The store itself is basically every famous designer you've ever heard of with all of their particular name brands of things at THE most outrageous prices you've ever seen. There is nothing that you cannot find at home and basically the prices are the same only Euros. Yikes. For this Costco sort of girl it was overwhelming and it was either the chocolate or the entire concept that had me in hot flashes and not able to get out fast enough. Waiting for the bus I noticed that the HUGE ad on the side of the dept. store was actually David Beckham in his underwear...we wondered how this would "fly" in Times Square...NOT.

You DO realize you can click on these pictures and make them BIGGER!!

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