Monday, March 24, 2008

Blue Hawaii

Who would have imagined where we were?? When Dana and I arrived separately from our respective homes, we had been en route for 15 hours.

It was dark when we got to Lesley's friends home. We are here because we are house-sitting and looking after 2 adorable dachshunds and 2 cats. This morning, I was awake at first light..still adjusting to 6 hours of dreadful time change, and decided to see where I was. Here we are. This is the view from the front window of the home we are staying in. Heaven. I know the weather forecast says 50% rain. This happens at night. Today 82 degrees farenheit.

Drove into Waikiki yesterday to one of the major hotels to pick up Lesley's bag. I don't know why everyone is so negative about Waikiki. Of course it's commercial, but it's also quite exciting, bustling and has many upscale shops. I guess it's all about crowds, but driving around it looked quite amazing. We saw the famous "Diamond Head" in the distance, but Lesley is taking us to less crowded places for nice views. I'm hooked on Hawaii.

After a brunch at Zippy's we drove up to Secret Beach or Hidden Beach, on the south shore where the "romantic kiss" in South Pacific is said to have been shot. This was so amazing we stayed and some people actually went in the water.

It is beyond words the beauty of the water and the land.

Today, we have plans to go on a hike to Makapu'a (sp?).

More later. We're connected on wireless here now.



  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! How gorgeous. I am so jealous. They are calling for more snow here. I am beginning to hate "they". Have a great time. Don't forget to get "lei'd"!

  2. Leslie, I'm enjoying your posts!! I get to relive every day we have and it saves me from journaling!! You are the best friend in the world and I'm so glad we are here together.

    love, Dana