Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cords Cords Cords

I am surrounded by cords!

My computer chair is continually running over one cord or another, those are the cords for the computer and printer. The head set is also frequently flapping around.

I have a cell phone which has a cord for charging, as well as a cord to upload pictures to the computer.

I have a Palm Pilot, one cord to charge and one cord to "Hot Sync" to the computer.

Then there's the iPod which has a cord for charging and a USB cord for dowloading iTunes

The camera has it's own battery charger attached to a CORD as well as media cables for the t.v. and the prerequisite USB port cord for the computer.
I have cords with scotch tape with labels "sharpied" on them to distinguish one from the other. I had to resort to labeling zip lock bags on our trip to Europe to keep Larry's electronic technology separate from mine!

Now I have a basket by the computer with cords, bags,'s all getting a little much. You do the math.

You should see my purse!!!

1 comment:

  1. Boy can I relate! My office chair rolls over cords that are internet connections, picture upload connections, my external hard drive connection, my palm pilot hot synch and power cord connectors, my phone, both office land line and my cell and blue tooth connectors plus the printer monitor, laptop, external monitor....blah blah blah... What's more I need some of these some of the time...but I roll over them ALL of the time. I have tried various gadgets to keep them in line but to no avail.

    I can't say I'm done with cords because I'd power off.