Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Finally Get REAL Glasses

The other day at our daily after-exercise-coffee-ritual, everyone laughed when I said as a little girl I always wanted glasses and a broken arm...well, I wanted to wear glasses, not have poor eyesight, and I wanted a cast for the dramatic effect not the healing effect. This apparently is funny.

Today I went to have my eyes tested. This is the year I'm doing ALL the "tests", and this is one of the tests I can actually tell about. The others...not so much. Seems as though my eyes are fine. No Macular degeneration. No Glaucoma. No major vision problems except that I can't read anything without magnifying readers!!!
This to ME is a problem, to the Optometrist, the natural effects of age, which is why I was having the eye test in the first place if you recall. Recalling, is yet another issue ...more on that at another time.

So, I find it difficult driving at night. The tail lights of masses of cars on the QEW all merge into a red blur. The oncoming traffic looks like halos. Apparently, again, this is normal! Well, how do 'older' people DRIVE at night then?? I know, I know, this is why 'older' people have no business being on the road after sundown. I agree, but in the event that I AM, I require assistance! I also noted at two stage performances this week that the set is a bit blurry...but only when the lights go down. Since the lights tend to go down with each performance, this seemed like a reasonable enough excuse to require glasses! Indeed, low light "situations" again affect the aging!!! As a matter of fact, the Doctor couldn't figure out why I was only coming in now to inquire about glasses, since my advanced age would indicate that I should have been wearing them for years! I guess I just gave up even considering specs since every time I went, from childhood pleading onward, I was told I had no need of eye wear. Better than 20/20 vision. NOW I can use glasses to help my aging condition.

I will get "progressive" lenses. The new word for bi-focal's. They will have handy dandy sunglass clip-ons for sunny days when you need to see driving and reading. This is a cost saving apparently, avoiding two pair of prescriptions.

Being new to the realm of choosing frames, that is an exercise in itself. Then of course if you want non-reflective lenses, and on and on. Keep adding $40.00 to each feature. By the time I left I was $500.00 lighter...but at least they take Visa, which I always see as a bonus...AIR MILES. Now I can travel further and see better. Who knew that every designer on earth makes glasses frames. Now you can match your sheets!

These are the glasses that Sophia Lauren chose. I'd like to look like that. Come to think of it, maybe it's her great TEETH! That's another appointment.

If you have really terrific frames that you LOVE will you please let me in on the drill for finding fabulous frames at reasonable prices. Oh, and another thing, the doctor pointed out that I would likely be wearing my new glasses all the time now, and they will likely be worn on my face as opposed to being pushed on my head like a hair band....add $40.00 for sprung hinges.


  1. Good news, bad news, now you will be able to see things clearly, but you will always be looking for those darn expensive glasses. I found that my headaches went away when I finally started to wear my "progressive" lenses. Good luck with the frame selection. Make them light, so they don't bother your nose. Wendy

  2. Very clever Miss Leslie!

  3. If you stay home at night you can always use your fabulous glasses as a hair band - especially if you get yourself a Sophia Lauren wig!