Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's Start at the Very Beginning

I think I finally have enough brain to be able to read and write again today. My body is reacting more like it's in Mississauga, not Paris. I'm finally hungry at the appropriate time here. If my energy level would catch up it would be like old times, but I think my feet are still pounding the cobbles of Paris. Yesterday I tried to fight sleeping, this morning I gave in. Both work in their own special sweet way, but since I've done all the groceries, unpacked all the bags, started the laundry, today may just be a giving it all in day. Ask anyone who calls. I'm yawning. Constantly.

In the beginning I wanted to start this blog to share my adventures in Paris. Larry deemed that 24 hours prior to leaving for Europe, and having only one leg to stand on seemed like an extraordinarily inappropriate time to start setting up and learning how to blog. It all seemed so simple to me. Simple, that is, the way he just tapped away, Jane and Michael seemed to load pictures and stories with ease, Carmi gets fancy, Nina gets exquisite. Larry is more deliberate as it turns out. So when the Blog came to be in the 6th. of Paris on 6 Rue du Cherche Midi, it was because Jane helped me and then it was easier. Let's go back to Paris.

This is what the world looked like when we left Toronto.

Our flight was canceled due to this weather and while this made things a bit of a concern, it turned out better for us in the long run. Better flight as it was now direct, not a full aircraft, and assured us of getting there and not being stranded overnight in Montreal.

Our arrival in Paris was delayed, but the driver we hired was there and waiting and whisked us right to our front door through chaotic traffic in an effortless way that was so appreciated after a long and tiring voyage. I'm not sure that unless I had backpack sized luggage, I could have managed with all the distance, stairs, confusion and jostling on public transport. This was indeed a luxury, but one that I would afford again in similar circumstances.
The area we chose to stay in is Saint-Germain-des-Prés in the 6th. arrondisement of Paris . It is the perfect location . Our apartment was very small by North American standards, but well equipped and only two doors away from one of the most famous bakeries in the city. I had read about La Poilâne in Ina Garten's "Barefoot in Paris" cookbook, complete with picture. This was the one! Needless to say, our first new Euros were spent on apple tarts and petits pains au chocolat.The game of the day was to stay awake until Paris decided it was time to sleep. We were curious to see our new neighborhood and decided that just wandering looked like a clever exercise. After we'd met with the landlady to get keys, information about the apartment, the once over etc. we took her advice and headed off for a small shop to get in supplies. This is where my allegiance to Susy Gershman's "Born to Shop Paris" came in infinitely handy. We had planned to have a small amount of staples in the apartment so that we could fall back on tea and peanut butter toast when necessary. Our meandering proved both fruitful and enlightening and the choice of our neighborhood foretold all good things.
Time to sleep.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow

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