Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday in Hawaii

Monday in Hawaii and we are off to the East Coast.

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We have a lazy morning, walking dogs, shopping at Costco, catching up on the last "John Adams" episode and getting ready for our hike. After the heat of the day we head off to Makapu'u Lighthouse and climb to the lookout. I have a feeling that this is another place that would make Larry "weak in the knees". The pictures really don't do justice to the height of the landscape, nor the colours of the water. It truly is paradise.There is always a breeze and no matter how hot it is you are never uncomfortable. This is why we wait until the hottest part of the day is over, it's so easy to get a little too much sun. I'll bet in Toronto you're saying TOO MUCH SUN???????
The added bonus today was that we were in a Humpback whale sanctuary. We saw many, many pods of cavorting whales...blowing and frolicking in the sea. This is the best time of the year to see them and they are most plentiful now, prior to heading back to Alaska. I was not expecting this, and was overjoyed at the sight! Now I'm saying, if you've never been to Hawaii, I'm wondering WHY??? The forecast on my WeatherBug keeps saying 50% chance of rain. It rains every day here, hence the lush vegetation, but most of the rain seems to be over the mountain peaks. We actually traversed the island yesterday on our way home and drove through an arboretum of trees...I must get a bird and tree book....and had a spitting of rain, but otherwise, only clouds off in the distance and a nice mix which provides welcome "brilliance" protection.

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