Friday, March 14, 2008


This is one of those days when it surely might help to put on a pair of New Shoes!!!

Click here to listen to an upbeat song on a foggy soggy day - YouTube.

NEW SHOES - Paolo Nutini

Who is Paolo Nutini???? You have to LOVE that accent!!!

"Born and raised in Paisley, Scotland, Paolo Nutini is a 20-year-old singer/ songwriter blessed with a soulful, passionate voice and the natural gift of being able to tell a story in a song. Like many of the truly inspired singer/songwriters before him, Nutini has absorbed the soul of classic artist from both sides of the Atlantic and channeled it into something original, captivating, and dynamic.

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Despite their Italian name, the Nutini family has lived in Paisley, Scotland for at least four generations. Paolo's great-grandfather opened the fish and chip shop in Paisley which his parents now run. Paolo's musical education began with his late grandfather, who introduced him to Scottish folk songs as well as a wide range of other styles."
Credit: Paolo Nutini Official Website.

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  1. He is sooooo cute!

    I wasn't expecting a Scot!! NUTINI??

    I love this song. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to iTunes right now.