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On March 29, 2008 at 8 p.m. I will be in Hawaii. I am now adding candles to my packing list. Hope someone there will have matches, as they are still considered a security risk when flying. This will be an interesting Aloha. What are you planning???


Global Event: Earth Hour 2008 - March 29, 8-9 pm

On March 29, 2008, the City of Toronto will join cities around the world in literally “turning out the lights” for Earth Hour, a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) event to raise awareness about climate change and symbolize that, working together the people of the world can make a difference in the fight against global warming. Officially announced in December 2007 at the United Nations Climate Change meeting, Earth Hour has grown from a single event in Sydney, Australia in 2007 to a global phenomenon that will occur across six continents and as many as 20 cities in 2008.

Toronto will be the flagship city in Canada to commemorate Earth Hour 2008. Our goal is to get thousands of businesses and individuals to participate in this historic event, so we can show the nation and the world that Toronto is a leader in addressing climate change, one of the most critical issues facing our world today.

From: TheStar.com - GTA - What are you doing for Earth Hour?
March 03, 2008
Read what some Star readers are doing:

I am trying to raise awareness of a water issue relating to Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The water level has been dropping steadily for 10 years, probably a total of five or six feet, to the point that shore wells are going dry and beaches are becoming rocky roads.
Mark Maxwell, Brampton

When our family first heard about Earth Hour, we thought it was for the month of January, so on Jan. 29 we had our own little Earth Hour. It was funny afterward when we found out it was actually scheduled for March. It was so easy to do we're thinking of doing it once a month.
Louisette Lanteigne, Waterloo

Earth Hour is a gimmick. I do Earth Year every day and unless all of us do, the brick wall we are heading toward will destroy the way of life as we know it. Future generations will not be kind to us for what we have done to the planet.
Jarek Zaniewski, Ottawa

I am looking at Earth Hour as an opportunity to relax. However demanding my day normally is, this is a time when I have to shut off my phone, iPod, laptop, etc. My plan is to take the dog for a walk along one of the trails in Toronto and remember what a beautiful city this is.
Leslie Reid, Toronto

I'm looking forward to going to the main breaker for my house and shutting the whole thing down for an hour.
Sam Grech, Toronto

I am taking part in Earth Hour on March 29. I think this is a wonderful idea to make people more aware of climate change. We can no longer ignore the devastating effect the human race is having on our beautiful planet. We must do something positive before it is too late.
Arlayne Shepherd, Scarborough

I don't believe Earth Day is anything more than hype. Society is going to have to radically change its collective attitude to every facet of our lives if we even hope to have a glimmer of saving this planet. We just had a massive snow storm in Ontario and we can't even get people to clean the snow off their cars properly or reduce driving speeds. How in the world are we even going to begin to turn around the desecration of this planet with these types of mind sets?
Richard Carpenter, Brampton

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  1. I'm sorry to hear the disheartening comments. I have participated in Earth Days for a number of years, with my young children, who at the time were filled with enthusiasm with the idea of saving the planet. My hope is that one of them will be brilliant enough and enthusiastic enough and ride in like the cavalry and save the day. In the mean time it's lights out on March 29th. Irene