Monday, March 17, 2008

Powered by You

I love good commercials, and I think that this is my favorite of the week. These are some very agile dancers! I found this video about the actual production of this Ford ad, which is as interesting as the piece itself. Hope you have time to relax and watch these amazing young bodies transform themselves.
Interestingly enough I'm off to the doctor today to see about returning to my own "Fusion" class after a hip injury. It makes me a little uneasy watching all those backbends! I wonder if I could find enough people in one of my exercise classes to recreate this one??? NOT. My hip is aching again.


  1. Leslie Somehow after doing Fusion today I think we fall short in our bending. Hope you are feeling better soon Miss you

  2. Fantastic - it's great to see Ford of Canada supporting the arts while trying to move their Canadian made vehicles into the market place.

    How many years ago today was it that we inadvertently joined the Orange Parade in downtown Toronto?