Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY!

Since I won't be doing any of these sorts of tricks any time soon, I decided after a scintillating discussion with my exercise buds, at Tim Horton's, that I'd best hop on down to "BIZZY B'S" and pick up an order that was waiting for me.
It's always such a pick-me-up to walk into a yellow and black Bee Hive. It's like the Cheers Bar song....everybody's always glad you came. Maybe it wasn't me so much as the assurance that I always boost sales whenever I visit :)
Today was no exception.

They have a fabulous...buy one get-two-more magazine sale bin, and lots and lots of fresh new springy looking paper. I got a few Legacy and Somerset Studio mags. that I don't already own, so I have plenty of distraction to keep me busy while I sit out the gym and hone up my Photoshop skills. If you've never been to "The Hive" as it's affectionately called, I urge you to stop by, get inspired, take a class or just browse. You'll love it.

I had a great time chatting with staff and friends who popped in and out, as well as a kisses and hugs from Barb and Tony who I have not seen in a long time. I got everyone's best suggestions for Hawaii, Vancouver, and San Francisco. I love getting recommendations about places to go and things to do, so if you are so inclined...chime in!

I will be going to RubyDog's Art House in Vancouver, as well as VanDusen Botanical Garden, which I have convinced my son will be wonderful (they have a nice restaurant:)

Barb asks that I check out any scrapbooking shops I may venture across in Honolulu. There is apparently an outlet mall in San Francisco that has a Burberry Outlet. This will add the always good, little "hunt" factor to the trip.

I carried on despite the gloom and rain splotched windshield to Costco, where I was dancing in the aisles having found a new book by Sandra Gulland. She is the author of my favorite "Josephine B. Trilogy".
This one is called "Mistress of the Sun"

Set against Versailles...and I'm back in Paris again!!!! I will savor this one.


  1. Still trying to get to Bizzy B's. As an avid crafter can't believe I still haven't got there. Maybe in the better weather. Great to see you this morning Linda

  2. As soon as I get back we must plan a trip to the shop and decide on a class to take together. You are the one with the tight schedule...oh yes, we'll have to wait until you get back from your CRUISE!!! :)