Monday, March 10, 2008

The Sap is Running!

I am reminded by my 90 year old Mother in Ottawa today that the sugar bush is coming alive and soon starting to "tap" the trees. When the sap is running it's a big deal in the country. I recall as a child when visiting my grandparents in Perth, Ontario, that dessert was often a "nappie" (that's an old Celtic term for a small bowl) of pure maple syrup. It was accompanied by wonderful homemade bread slathered in sweet butter and eaten just like that...with a spoon. These days, I have to say it makes my teeth "itch" slightly to think of spooning up the liquid gold, but then it was a pure sweet ending. There will be much excitement this week with all the snow in the bush. Take a look at one favorite spot in Lanark, the little town that my Dad grew up in.

Wheelers Maple Syrup Camp & Pancake House- A Sugar Bush in Lanark ...

Hmmmmm....pancakes might be a good thing for dinner tonight!

P.S. Clive!...if you and Alta are up at Wheeler's could you pick me up just the smallest jar they have? :) I'll see you when the snow stops flying here! (LJM)

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