Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shangri La

"Anna Rice Cooke founded the Honolulu Academy of Arts in 1927 in order to share her love of the arts with the children and people of Hawaii:

"That our children of many nationalities and races, born far from the centers of art, may receive an intimation of their own cultural legacy and wake to the ideals embodied in the arts of their neighbors…"

"The Honolulu Academy of Arts is Hawaii's premier art museum, with a collection of over 50,000 works. An encyclopedic museum where original works of art can be experienced in state-of-the-art galleries, it has major strengths in European and American painting, graphic and decorative arts, and the arts of Asia. With education as its mission, the Academy also administers the Academy Art Center at Linekona, the largest private art school in the Islands."

"Mission Statement:
The Honolulu Academy of Arts is dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation, and teaching of the visual arts, and the presentation of exhibitions, films and videos, performing arts, and public programs specifically relevant to Hawai'i's ethnically diverse community."

Our final day in Hawaii and Lesley and Tom treat Dana and I to a most wonderful museum experience. The Honolulu Academy of Arts is a charming little place both architecturally and in it's collections. The best part was our tour of Doris Duke's home "Shangri La". I will link to the website if you are interested, but once again, just like the Hagley Museum in Wilmington Delaware, this is one of America's little jewels.

Doris Duke's Shangri La

You are not allowed to take photos inside this sumptuous house, but as an artist, if you have never been influenced by Islamic art, you will be after you see this mansion. I want to come home, buy up fascinating tiles and start plastering things to my walls!!! This bird of paradise flower is in THE most perfect setting. This is where it belongs. I'll leave you with two more photos of the estate, and then I'm signing off with my Aloha Honolulu night shot of departing the airport. Note to self: Get one of those little tripods!


See you next in Vancouver!!!


  1. What a tour of Hawaii and the Bird of Paradise is exquisite and, as you say, belongs there. I fail to appreciate its beauty in other settings. Perhaps we all have a setting that shows us off to our best advantage!
    tante d

  2. My best advantage is definitely on vacation. Ahhh Hawaii. It is really THE spot, along with Chautauqua of course.

    love, to read what we did and I don't have to remember myself!! What a gift this blog has been.

    love, D