Sunday, March 9, 2008



I hate to keep seeming like the weather person, but REALLY, these storms are starting to rule our lives! When you can't get anywhere without shoveling first.....Notice the imprint of the front door on the drift that has to be pushed into the courtyard in order to step outside?

Then notice the courtyard almost full to the top with nowhere to throw the accumulation? We are so thankful for our neighbour who gamely came along with his snow blower and has been kindly digging us out all winter. At last report, he had only enough gas left in his machine to deal with 2 more inches of snow. I'm going to start a "slush" fund for him as of today....Keep that gasoline topped up!!!

This is a measurement using Larry as the ruler to indicate how much snow has been pushed to the end of the circle on our street...ENOUGH ALREADY!

This makes Hawaii look REALLY GOOD!


  1. Hi Leslie
    I would much rather start my day with Simple Abundance than the weather report from Ontario, Yesterday on Big Ideas a Mac prof was lecturing on the speeded up version of our world. Your blog confirms it!!! Scary to think that Hindi, Arabic and Mandarin are going to replace English as the language of the web in the not too far distant future.
    What a woman soon to be off to Hawaii, Calif. and BC. This is my final year of no trips to far away spaces or at least beyond Poirierville. Yikes!!! I had better be careful of what I wish for. At least there's no snow and the sun shines warmly but not enough to take the minus chill out of the strong winds.
    I'll stay tuned.

  2. Ma Tante!

    How wonderful to hear from you! You are my first comment on the new blog, so I'll have to send you a prize! Today I will wrap up a copy of one of my favourite books and send it along to you. Glad that your part of the world has missed all this snow. I can picture your little house buried to the roof. If you ever do get out of Isle Madame...come travel with me!

  3. Congratulations on your new blog!

    Who's that handsome guy in the snow?