Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday in Hawaii

Started off the day by going to Nordstroms Rack....the discount shop of "Nordies". It's nice to be on vacation with people who love shoes! Since we were in downtown Honolulu, we decided to have lunch at a little local place. We headed over to one of the Waikiki beaches.

Tuesday evening Lesley Jane and Tom had organized a birthday party for Dana - the reason for this fabulous trip.

We went to Alan Wongs which you can see by the link is one of the top rated restaurants in the USA. Giovanna will be glad to hear that we were "Lei'd" and had a wonderful evening. It's a bit like eating in have to examine every splendid taste and savour it.
This seems to be a great time of year to be here. There are no crowds and it is truly paradise. The weather is about 82 degrees every day with a sun/cloud mix and always a "zephyr breeze".

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  1. The food is so colourful and looks so delicious. What a lovely way for Dana to celebrate her birthday, Please wish her Happy Birthday from me and Elliot.
    Also we would love to see pictures of the daschunds you are babysitting.
    Hope your vacation continues to be fabulous.