Thursday, March 13, 2008


The other day I was coming out of the Optometrist's office just having had pupil- dilating drops put in for a test. This makes everything very bright when you emerge into the out-of-doors. In this case it was made even brighter and slightly irritating since the entire building is made of reflective glass panels. As I donned my sunglasses and squinted my way across the parking lot, I was both amazed at how this construction can actually 'hold up' and cursing under my breath as to why in the world an Optometrist would have chosen such a 'brilliant' site?? I'm sure it does help those with low vision, just not the "drop" recipients. This of course lead to thinking about other shiny buildings I've encountered.

One in particular came to mind, (with a smile) on a perfect day in Baltimore, Maryland when Judith introduced me to the
American Visionary Art Museum

The museum is housed in three buildings, along with some outdoor space and is partially covered in this mirrored mosaic. The works inside are all by artists with no formal training. One of the trees near the entrance is swagged and adorned with all matter of things

To see a close-up of this tree, click on the blue word "SHINY" above.

What is visionary art?
"Like love, you know it when you see it. But here's the longer definition, straight out of our Mission Statement: "Visionary art as defined for the purposes of the American Visionary Art Museum refers to art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself." In short, visionary art begins by listening to the inner voices of the soul, and often may not even be thought of as 'art' by its creator."1

AVAM has 55,000 square feet of exhibit space but has a permanent collection of only 5,000 pieces. Some of this work is displayed in a gallery on the first floor of the Main Building, throughout the James Rouse Visionary Center, and outdoors when new temporary “themed” exhibitions are being installed.

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Photo Credits and additional information:
Mosaic Art Source
This is an amazing mosaic art blog....check it out!


  1. I love this link. Have you tried the
    Mosaic Heart ...happy Valentines day link? Excellent. I've been clicking all over.

    This India thing is AMAZING!

  2. Thanks for the link Leslie. I got really excited about going to Baltimore to visit this museum someday.
    P.S. BTW I love your blog. It's so fresh and interesting.