Saturday, March 29, 2008

Waimea Beach Park

Highway, North O'ahu
During the summer months the water of this "Reddish" bay is calm and great for swimming with a large sandy beach area. But watch out during the winter months when the waves can reach heights of thirty feet. This is the home of the largest, most dangerous and spectacular surf in the world.

This is our last beach day, and what a beach. The water is so very clear and these pictures cannot do justice to the colour of the water. Today was extra special as there was a Humpback Whale sighting and they were close enough that you can put your head under water and hear them! The sound is akin to a moo. Perhaps this is why female whales are called cows. At some point, they sound a bit like sheep....the only other sound we have as reference to compare their soulful moans. That was truly a hilight of this trip. We were joined by a couple of Lesley's teacher friends - they are all on March Break, so it was an energetic crowd.

Later in the day we drove along the North coast... They think this is a really far drive, I mentioned that sometimes I go that far for groceries :) We hit Pounder Beach and found a little rain, but it's so welcomed after such a bright shiny day on the sand and the water.I'm going to say Aloha for now. Off to a museum and Doris Duke's "Shangrila" this morning, one more Hawaiian sunset and then back to Vancouver, where I will stop-over with Gordon and Rachael. I've been trying to figure out how to stay here and have them come and join me....

Once here, I can see why people don't want to leave.


  1. Who is the dumpy one in the black suit???

  2. There are not enough letters in the Hawaiian alphabet to describe her :)