Saturday, April 12, 2008

Along The Coast

In search of the Beach Boys once again.

In Hawaii, I decided that they, "The Beach Boys", must be Californian's and switched my allegiance to Jack Johnson, but now that I'm here, it's pretty hard not to think about surfing boys when corvette convertibles with 50+ something males at the wheel (ever notice how many jazzy convertibles are driven by small balding men?) are overtaking you on a two lane winding road from San Francisco to Monterey. Did I mention that the car we got at the rental was a RED Impala? Dana and I had a gold Impala in Hawaii, but the red really does seem to give one the edge:)

We started out at places like Half Moon Bay and wound down the coast on Route 1 heading as far as we could get before having to turn back for a dinner party in San Jose at 6 p.m. The coast here is much more rugged than Hawaii. The drops are dramatic (sorry Larry) and the surf is wild where there are huge outcroppings of rock. It was COLD. No one in THIS water. People were all wearing jackets and wrapped in blankets in a leeward spot on the shore.

We stopped for a picnic lunch in Santa Cruz and just happened to pull into a surf museum stop as well as a hangout for surfers! This is a surfer girl. A pretty unique spot, where everyone arrives with their boards in or on top of cars and descend some pretty treacherous cliffs to wait for what today were some pretty small, and for them, disappointing waves. I was in heaven. It was so CLOSE. Perfect spot for watching while listening to a local colony of sea lions perched on a rock outcropping not far away. At one point, the sea lions were hanging out with the boys waiting for waves and frolicking right along. From Santa Cruz to Monterey is not all ocean view, rather Artichoke view. Ever seen artichokes growing on big bushes? Castroville, CA Artichoke Center of the World". We will miss the Artichoke Festival May 15-17th.

Cross over to a highway North and we're on our way to San Jose. We have been invited to dinner with dear friends from Princeton days, Peggy and Ed Engler. They have been in California now for almost 30 years and have a wonderful home with their family close by.Our visit with the Englers confirmed to us how exciting it is to just connect with friends who we have not seen for over 20 years. We all decided that the values that brought us together in the first place are the same ones we hold dear today and that friendships like this are a truly comfortable fit. It's like you pick up from where you left off and there has been no gap in time.

The old stories are told once again, laughter is non-stop, just like in a family, these are the bonds that tie us and the the history that defines us. For Larry and I this trip has been one down memory lane, with so many people from 40 years ago when we started our married life. Everyone looks exactly the same and by the end of our fabulous reunions, we are all feeling like we are 20 years old again.

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  1. OHMYGOD I LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great post.

    Thank you for calling from Peggy's.

    love, Dana