Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday afternoon found us in a board game shop in Vancouver. Gordon and his colleagues play board games as part of their job to bring a certain amount of finesse to their own video games, so technically, this was "research" on his day off. I guess the game theory is the same, only the vehicle changes. After finding what he was after he looked into other games of interest and among them, they picked up this BANANAGRAM game.

If you are a lover of word games, this might become an all-time favourite. It's also a great travel game. All of the 144 scrabble-like tile pieces fit inside a portable cloth banana pouch. I was looking for a travel scrabble game, as I was introduced to this by one of Lesley's sweet friends (Lisa) in Hawaii. Everyone was over at the East Side Sports Bar watching the Carolina game (yes Jane, they all had on their Blue shirts AND Carolina won!) and Lisa and I played travel scrabble. Back to Bananagrams.

"Inside the pouch are 144 tiles which you place face down on any flat surface. The number of players determines how many tiles you take. You form as many words as you can with your tiles, but unlike Scrabble, you don't have to wait your turn (hooray!). You can rearrange your words at any time, and nobody can play on what you've got going on. Each player races to be the first to make as many words as possible (connecting and intersecting them). Because the rounds can be so quick, it's the perfect game for when you're waiting for something and don't have a lot of time. It's so portable, versatile, easy, and fun, that it's the perfect game for just about anyone any time!"

I have decided that this is the gift for this year. It might be silly for me to send you one, and you to send me one etc. etc., so let's just say...everyone - go out and get this game. You'll LOVE it!


  1. Hi Leslie I would love to get this game as I love Scrabble. It would be great for travelling too. Glad to see you are still having a great holiday. Linda H

  2. Smashed Banana needs to play. It seems you are having a wonderful time with sweet children. I'm so glad.

    love, D

  3. I've never heard of this game and now I must have it. It looks like it would be even more fun than Scrabble, maybe even on a par with my favorite non-game, Magnetic Poetry.