Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Co-Operative Auto Network

This is a new concept for me. Gordon and Rachael live in Vancouver and really "walk the walk". They are now involved in a car co-op. In other words, they have invested in shares in a company that allows them to make use of the company's cars when they need one. These cars are located near to their apartment, always parked in the same place. They use the internet to reserve a specific car for a specific use, time and date and then walk a few blocks to get the car. They have a key to a permanent lock box under the rear license plate which flips up and allows them to access the key to the vehicle that they have chosen. I was picked up at the airport in a Toyota Carola, and today we drove in a little yellow Mini....

When you get in the car you mark down the kilometers on the vehicle at the departure and your start time. When you finish with the car, you return it to it's spot, mark in the new mileage and take a copy of the trip log with a receipt number on it. If there is any damage, you note it, just like a rental car. You have a rental Member number and you pay a downpayment based on how many kilometers you drive in a month. There is a per kilometer charge, a monthly fee, and an hourly charge, which covers your insurance, your gas, parking, and maintenance.

This is such a fabulous idea. Use a car only when you need one. Otherwise, walk, take a bus or a bike.....very GREEN!Co-operative Auto Network

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