Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been accused of being "a ball of potential with no focus". Not terribly flattering, and I probably shouldn't be admitting it, but today this is exactly what I am.

On Friday, I attended the Creative Sewing Festival. It was overwhelming. I have not been to one of these events in a long while, based on the fact that I keep telling more purchases until you've done something with your last "bright idea".

Once again, so many new sights to inspire. Quilting, knitting, needlework, sewing, scrapbooking, beading, even upholstery!! I have some wonderful antique cheese boxes that could be fabulously altered into pouffy ottomans. Luckily these courses start in the FALL!!! This gives me just enough time to scout out zany fabrics and interesting fringes.

I am hopelessly overcome by enthusiasm, which generally totally outstrips any of my abilities, but I came home with another quilt called a "jellyroll" which is basically two and a half inch strips pre-cut and you design around this format.
Irene and I were told by one vendor that the "Madeira" fabric (as seen in the photo) that I so admired was no longer available, and that I'd probably have to scout it out on eBay. Much to my delight, ever eagle-eyed Irene found the very one at another vendor and it was a happy day! Not only was this woman really nice, but she was from Almonte, not far from Ottawa, so it will be a "Valley" experience when I do get around to actually constructing my latest find.

I got some magazines and a book on beading to try and emulate a bracelet that I own, and am totally smitten with. Again, another of those "moments" when I say "I could do that!" Most of the bead vendors were appropriately appreciative of the amount of work involved...probably not a beginner project, but then again, I usually take on much more than I should, hence the pile of "unfinished".

There was a totally wonderful display of Mac Fab....a local Queen Street fabric outlet, with very hip new designs. I'll try and pull off a lined bag. Amy Butler

Last but certainly not least, a really neat insulated lunch bag, by "Elle", that looks like a purse! Okay, so it perfectly matches my coat. Now all I have to do is leave the house with my lunch and go DO something!!


  1. I'd like the chocolate cake, and a slice of that cheesecake in the Burberry lunch bag!

    Thanks, now I'm craving sweets! :)

  2. What a fabulous idea. Oh my dear you DO's just that you keep moving.

  3. There are two words I'd use to describe you Leslie, and they are: "Renaissance Woman." (Forget about the not focusing thing because it's obvious that you approach life with more gusto than ten people put together).
    P.S. I'm addicted to your blog!