Friday, April 25, 2008

FRIDAY - Cleaning

You would think that after washing, ironing, sewing, and marketing, by Friday you'd be worn out. You can't be, because tomorrow is baking!

While in Hawaii I saw a robot vacuum cleaner for the first time. We couldn't figure out how to get it going, but with two little dogs, I guess it makes sense to have a little picker-upper machine. After my recent hip injury, the doc says "no more vacuuming!", so this robotic thing is getting even more interesting to me. I had to add this picture to show you what these machines look like, just because it's such a hilarious thought. Does this ad mean that you sit around drinking wine while the vacuum scurries around the house doing it's thing?? I guess this means you have to clean at "happy hour"??? It's only 11 a.m. here, but somewhere in the world it's happy hour.

The other machine that I have my eye on is anything by the DYSON outfit. There is something about his accent that makes me believe that this cyclonic action will be much better than anything I have now. It had better be, based on the price alone. Since I won't be doing any more vacuuming (for at least a while), I should really be leaving this task up to my husband, but I can't see him staying home from lectures at the University to vacuum on Friday!:)

Looks to me like James Dyson might just come with this invention of his. Obviously this is a man who knows vacuums! The surgical mask gives him an air of educated authority on the matter don't you think? Wonder if he's available weekdays???

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