Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No Junk Mail Please


I have come to intensely dislike junk mail, otherwise known as "unsolicited" mail. I'm not alone in this regard as the Globe and Mail reports that 67% of Canadians are not interested in all those flyers and advertising that in our home go directly into the blue box.

This is where the Red Dot Campaign enters. According to their website, "The Red Dot Campaign provides consumers with a simple action they can take to reduce carbon emissions. Simply by putting a signed letter in your mail box, and leaving a "No Admail Please" sign on your box, Canada Post will not deliver any unaddressed marketing material."

"And, if enough of us say No!"states the Red Dot website, "advertisers may take notice and find more environmentally-friendly ways to reach their customers."

My neighbor has been sporting his "red dot" for awhile now, and it really works.

The first step is to print out the "No Junk Mail" letter that's available online, sign it, and ask your mail carrier to deliver it to Canada Post. I went directly to the second part, and my carrier (yes I still get to-the-door delivery) gamely complied. Secondly, print out the "No Junk Mail" sign and attach it to your mailbox or mail slot. The bad news is that this will only stop unaddressed ad mail that's delivered by Canada Post.

If you really want to get serious you can contact the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) and have them add your name to the "Do Not Contact Registry". This registry will not only stop addressed ad mail, but can also cut down on those unwanted telemarketing calls that always arrive during dinner. It's important to make sure that you provide the CMA with all the possible variations of your name as it has appeared on junk mail in the past, including mail that is misspelled. It will take some time for this to be effective, but probably worth the wait

Again, the Canadian Marketing Association is the place to contact to have your name removed from personalized marketing materials, including mail, telephone and fax.

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  1. We did this some time ago and it REALLY works. From time to time Judith and I update it. You will note that far fewer pieces of mail is sent to 'resident' and now says our name with a little tag line
    'or current resident'. It's tough to stop all mail and all calls but it certainly cuts down.