Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sunday - Church

I don't do Church.

I used to, and was brought up in the United Church. I went to Sunday School and loved the music. I was a member of organizations in the church and was married at Westboro United in Ottawa. I made sure that my children had an opportunity to attend Church, so that they could make up their own minds about organized religion.

"You don't need organized religion to connect with the universe. Often a church is the only place you can go to find peace and quiet... But it shouldn't be confused with connecting with one's spirit." -- Alice Walker

Spirit can mean many things. I think it is much more than whether or not you're religious.

It's what gives me a love for life, a sense of purpose, motivation, inner strength, desire. It's what moves me, that which makes me cry happy tears, all that I am passionate about.

Some of the things I love: My family. Music. Reading. Playing piano. Art. Painting. Needlework. Blogging. Traveling. Being in the garden. Learning new things. Dancing. Listening to, being with, and supporting friends. This is what makes my spirit come alive.

Today I will be in touch with my spirit by thinking about and surrounding myself with the things that I love.

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  1. Leslie you express yourself so well and you write so beautifully. I think that it is wonderful that you enjoy so many things and that you are so in touch with your inner spirit.

    See you soon