Thursday, April 24, 2008


I think you can see where the "market" day post is going! The very first time I had to use bags other than what are provided *free* in the shops, was when we lived in Switzerland. There, when you did groceries, you either had a little canvas tote on wheels, much like carry-on luggage, or a string bag that has the most amazing properties of stretch. In Marie Claire there were instructions for crocheting one's own, and I certainly tried....but that would be in yesterday's post.

Lately, I 've been on a crusade to use the supermarket .99 cent carriers. I started with Loblaws who were the first off the mark in our area. There was a lot of skepticism regarding how much they could hold, but there is a solution to this as another one!
I am not loyal to just one grocery store. I usually do the rounds, depending on my particular needs. We have Michaelangelos, Longos, Dominion, Loblaws, and Food Basics all in a comfortable radius. Longos was the most difficult in the beginning. It was as though they resented the "green" bags option. There were feelings at the check-out that they didn't want to pack the bags, and certainly NOT a Loblaws, or Michaelangelos bag! When one of the clerks mentioned that at least I could use a Longos bag, I replied....."I'm so sorry that you were so late in coming on board with this save-the-earth-plan, that I've now purchased these bags from just about every other grocer in the neighborhood. Some day, when I forget my other bags, I'll be forced to purchase one of the way, where ARE they???" They are now located at the end of each check-out counter.

When you realize that it takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to degrade in our land fills and that when they eventually do break down it becomes toxic to our soil, rivers and water sources, not to mention ugly, it's not a difficult option to choose.

A choice it is. The problem becomes remembering to bring them with you. I have a solution for that too. If you forget to bring your purchased cloth bags into the store, you can either a) Turn around and go back and get them (consider this aerobic exercise that you're not paying the gym for), or b) Buy another .99 cent reusable bag and either use it or give it to someone who hasn't yet gotten this message.

You can even have enough in your car so that when you go to Costco, you leave all your items in the cart when you check out, and when you get to your car, transfer the stuff into your containers there....that's only if you forget to bring them with.

In some parts of this country, cashiers are asking..."Do you need a bag?" SAY NO THANK YOU. I have been in shops in Vancouver, where they have no bags! Bravo! I really feel this is the only way we are going to change our habit.

The caption on this photo is "Tree MUGGED by 5 plastic bags"

Reusable Bags

Bravo Whole Foods Market - Almost worth a trip to Oakville!
AUSTIN, Texas, April 23 (UPI) -- Whole Foods Market marked Earth Day Tuesday by ending the use of disposable plastic grocery bags at its U.S., Canadian and British stores.

A.C. Gallo, co-president and chief operating officer for the natural foods supermarket chain, said the move will keep keep 100 million new plastic grocery bags out of the environment the rest of this year alone.

"Central to Whole Foods Market's core values is caring for our communities and the environment, and this includes adopting wise environmental practices," Gallo said in a statement earlier this year.

The company will continue to offer recycled paper grocery bags to shoppers who choose not to bring their own reusable bags to the store.

I'm off to the market today. I have to get supplies in for baking on Saturday! I have more than enough cloth bags to complete the task!!


  1. Enjoyed all the posts!! I want to see you get on with some of those projects!

    I have no opinion on irons...what is an iron, anyway?

    BTW, I don't believe Jane is 3 score and 1. That would make her 61!!

    I love you,
    your dan

  2. "BTW, I don't believe Jane is 3 score and 1. That would make her 61!!" know how numerically challenged I am. Thanks for the correction! Make that DECADEs!!!

  3. Hi Leslie This was a great article. I agree that we should all try to use our cloth bags. I wish all stores would ban the use of their plastic bags. I think it will be coming in the future. Still trying to always remember to take mine into the stores with me Linda