Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, I'm procrastinating, but I will iron something today. It's all about the irons really, isn't it??? I would appreciate the "perfect" iron. I usually end up having to replace my own due to dropping it, and end up getting whatever Costco is selling that day.

Once I was tempted to get a supposedly "super duper" iron when I took a quilting course, but then and now the price seemed a bit daunting unless I committed to ironing in a well padded room. I now have a rather odd T-Fal...the only good thing about it is that it does shut off automatically, a feature that I totally require.

I have been known to be as far away as Kingston and having to call a neighbour to go in and see if I'd turned off the iron! I don't mind ironing, really, I don't, but I would love it if someone has what they consider the best machine for the job!

Is anyone out there HAPPY with their iron??? Consumers reports rating in order:

1. Black and Decker Digital Advantage D2030 as their "Best Buy" ($50)
2. Hamilton Beach Professional 14970
3. Rowenta Professional DM890 "Most Expensive" ($120)
4. Kenmore (Sears) KSR400
5. Conair DPP3000R
6. Euro-Pro Shark Professional G1490


  1. Leslie This looks like my iron. (Costco special). I haven't even used it yet. I must clarify that statement as I am still using my old iron. Too lazy to read the instruction booklet for the new one I guess. Thanks for the consumer report Linda H

  2. Well I must say the one of my sister, who buys anything she likes at any price the vendor asks. When her husband decided to buy very expensive cottong shirts she decided that the price of two shirts was about as much as her new iron which she needed to iron these shirts. He bought quite a few. It is a wonderful iron, I was fortunate enough to get one as a gift for our 25th wedding anniversary, not from the groom. I LOve it!, It cut my ironing down from 3 hrs a week, to 1 hr. It hold enough water to provide steam for 2 hrs. I rarely run out of water. It's a gazella, purchased at the sewing store on Ottawa St. in Hamilton. It's approx. 300$ but worth every minute you don't have to stand and iron. Irene

  3. Thanks for the research - I need a new iron that actually steams again!