Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VanDusen Garden

What a wonderful way to spend the first day in Vancouver. VanDusen garden is in the center of town and a short ride from G&R's apartment. This is Cherry Blossom time, but the weather has been a bit nippy and at the gardens the displays are not quite at maximum. Along the city streets however there are plenty. Rachael drove us through a very upscale part of town where the lanes are lined with pink. There seem to be many micro climates within the city.After a rather confusing self-tour....here's Rach in the maze!!!We sauntered over to have tea in the really nicely appointed restaurant. We splurged on a couple of desserts one strawberry rhubarb (this always denotes spring to me) and a pyramid of chocolate encasing a pistachio mousse. Chocolate always denotes the season at hand to me! A nice quiet drive through the Shaunessy area of Vancouver and some of the best of the tree-lined streets. A very soft intro to Vancouver indeed!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Can't wait for my trip. Thanks for sharing Linda H

  2. I'd forgotten how similar the VanDusen Garden is to the Keukenhof Gardens in the Dam - all things Dutch I guess.

    Don't those blossoms look fabulous?! We're longing for spring here.

    Clever of Rach to be able to stand on her side like that!