Friday, April 4, 2008

Walking Down Main Street

Yesterday was my day to tackle Main Street. Once a down-at-the-heels blue collar area, of sketchy dry cleaners, corner stores and antiques shops, Main Street in Vancouver, B.C., from roughly Kingsway to East 33rd Avenue is now interspersed with a few trendy restaurants and ecclectic little shops. In the few years, the area has been turned around slightly by moneyed young urbanites who require a Starbucks to drive to in their Prius':)

After taking city buses across Broadway and waaaay up Main, my journey started at 4738 Main, RubyDog's Art House. Leanne and Ruby Dog herself welcomed me and even treated me to a Latte from Solly's up the street. This is a rather overwhelming place if you love collage, just about anything you can think of recycled or otherwise that exists!

Christina Lazar-Schuler StudioWerx has set up a splendid little shop in the front of the store and it's really neat to see such a Canadian link.

Susan Williamson artopiaupdate blogged about Christina's new book. I was hoping to see it, but it is still not in stock even here in Vancouver. I'll try again Saturday if I can "get over east!"

List in hand I decided I would walk the walk....come with me down Main St. in Vancouver.

Rachael has decided she might like to learn how to knit. It will have to be organic, nicely treated sheep in order for her to participate....but lo and
behold...."Three Bags Full Knit Shop"!!! 4458 Main.

They have just the ticket. Green Mountain Spinnery puts out New Mexico Organic wool. Since Rach is from Albuquerque, this is a find! 100% Fine wool grown in New Mexico and Certified Organic by the NM Organic Commodity Commission. Farmers who are raising sheep organically. The wool has been washed and spun using non-petroleum soaps and oils. No chemicals are used to mothproof, shrink-proof or remove chaff. I figure as long as there are no moths in Vancouver, and the scarf is hand-washed in cold water the person who will eventually wear this garment can darn well overlook a little itching with a bit of chaff!!!:) Just kidding. It's a fabulous shop and they even give lessons should this activity really take off.

Swinging my bags on 4412 Main, I'm attracted to Bead Freaks and wish Judith was with me.

3934 Main Street. The Regional Assembly of Text......This is what an original post from "poppytalk" has to say about this shop....

regional assembly of text, originally uploaded by poppytalk.

"from stationary sets, gift boxes, journals, t-shirts, buttons chalkboards to workshops to clubs, everything you wanted or dreamed of from letters, screenprinting, magnets, letterpressing. and they make it all themselves (in the back). this store is sooooooooo sweet, i want to camp there.

afraid i was going to scare the proprieters away with my enthusiasm, i didn't ask too too many quesitons. but you can get a pretty good idea from their website what's there! (and check out my pictures below).

what's fun is these girls have all these typewriters in the front shelf, you can use when you join the letter writers club. or use the one on the coffee table and make your own mini buttons that you can then buy. if you don't live in vancouver you can join these clubs too. this place is a must see!!!"

From there to a game shop-Stragegies 3878 Main- -and a peek into "Lazy Susan's" a cozy little emporium chockfull of curiosities and collectibles with a ‘50s flair. By now I'm getting a little peckish so decide on Liberty Bakery. A hot cup of tea and an Eccles cake and I'm good to carry on. Six bells, (and quick camera work) ...down to Broadway and the bus back home. It is predicted to be "Truly Vancouver" by tomorrow...aka rain-rain-go-away! I will be off to Granville Island and more creative pursuits. I've just finished watching a video on photo transfers to various things and am in hot pursuit of supplies!


  1. And I was afraid I wasn't going to be with you on this trip!! Not so!!! I'm with you every step of the blog.

    love, D

  2. I also love the Kyanite at the BeadFreak place. Neat.