Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amy Walker

My younger brother can do this sort of thing. He won't do it if you ask him to, only if he decides he's in the mood. When he's in the mood and on a roll, we are all on the floor with his renditions.

The only time it was problematic was once at the German/Swiss border when we arrived in our Swiss Renault-4 full of people and luggage. The Germans don't particularly like the Swiss, and despite having Canadian passports, we were living in Switzerland at the time, and were told to pull over, unload and put the front tires on the back of the vehicle and the back tires on the front. With these instructions given by a knee-height-leather-boot-wearing, pistol-packing border guard, my brother swivels his baseball hat with the peak to the back and starts in with his best rendition of "Colonel Klink"!!!

My husband and I were desperately trying to save my pregnant self, my Mother, and my infant daughter from being imprisoned, by quickly complying and starting the unloading of the trunk. My brother is now prancing around the parking lot entertaining a bus load of tourists who were madly waving from their birds eye view of the scene. My mother and I were sent off with the stroller to find a bar, so that the men could have a beer after the tire rotation exercise. Upon our return, everything was done and we were ready to carry on to the Black Forest...that's another story, involving an Olympic ski jump, when "the bro", still in his best German accent mode, decides that he wants his passport stamped!

He is still wondering why a pregnant woman would have been hysterical on this trip.

Enjoy this incredible talent.


  1. That was fun. It's interesting that I can only detect the problems with the American accent but find the others more convincing. I wonder if that's true for everyone? The story about Switzerland is so funny.

  2. I think that Toronto sounds like Newfoundland - or maybe I was just wishing it did. Isn't she clever!

  3. That was amazing. I have never been able to get any accents right so I am impressed. The best ones I can remember were done by my son Mike. He could always fool us all on the phone.