Friday, May 23, 2008


Each year I go through this for one reason or another. Last year at this time, it was in a desperate race to look good for our daughter's wedding. This year it's a sprint towards getting into my pants! I do have about three wardrobes to accommodate my various 'stages' of weight, but when I start to be upset with myself, I know it's time.

This time I have a friend participating with me. Otherwise known as a support "group" of one. Well, two, if you consider me as her support as well. A long time ago we went on a phenomenal diet that at the time included "Quaker" cereal. This was 40 years ago and anything Quaker other than oatmeal was revolutionary. After a very long, brisk walk, we were going to have 'just' cereal. It turned out to be very good cereal. In those days there was no counting or reporting of fat, fibre, or calories on boxes. We demolished practically a whole box on the first day.

This has been about the way we've dieted ever since! We get all enthusiastic and supportive and set up the "rules"....which change based on past experiences. This time one of the rules became "And, NO talking about FOOD!" If laughter could make one lose weight, then we'd be thinner than Twiggy! Remember Twiggy??? If you do, then you're as old as my "group"!

I have pulled out my previous Weight Watcher's pamphlets, and calculators and hints and recipes. If you've done it once, then why would you PAY to do it again. This is what the experience of years teaches you. Speaking of paying, just out of curiosity I looked up the on-line version of Weight Watcher's and it's still not fair. The US on-line price is $65.00 for the mandatory 3 month signing, while the Canadian price for the same service is $84.95...let's round that up to $85 bucks..or is that fattening?? So. $20.00 more, AND, our dollar is now above the US currency rate.
Watch out for stuff like that!

I think I'm getting signs to do this at this time as all t.v. shows seem to point this way. An episode of "Shopping Bags" where two women from Vancouver rate various products, followed a diet group for 10 months and rated everything from the diets themselves, to pedometers. I'm doing a trial "run"/walk today with a pedometer on my waist. Of course I've done this before too! I even have a skipping rope, should someone suggest that on a t.v. show this week. "Oprah" is doing some cleanse of not eating anything refined, sugary, or alcoholic for 12 days. She's not in our group. Yet.

Cartoon Credit [Diet]which I only used for the cartoon.


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  2. Oh YAY!

    Do you still have the recipe for that 20 minute fudge cake????

    Just kidding.

    I only have 17 points left for today. Expect crankiness.

  3. I was just trying to think of the name of that cereal. I remember the 9 Day Wonder Diet we did that was very expensive for graduate students and our husbands had poop to eat while we dined on lamb chops...our sacrifice was, in fact, theirs!!

    Now we are back to POINTS. When you work for the State of Virginia, they cut the on-line charge by half! That's no doubt because there are so many fat people here!! I'm hoping to decrease that number by 1.

  4. You look marvelous. Forget the points, bake that 20 minute fudge cake, I'll come over and help you eat it.

  5. Leslie I think alot of us gals are in your group (always wanting to be thinner) I know there is no secret recipe for weight loss but just remember life is too short and dieting is never a fun thing to do. Enjoy each day and don't stress about weight Linda