Friday, May 9, 2008

Fauna Frenzie

Is it just me, or is this a particularly "squirrley" year for critters?? The robins in my yard are totally NUTS this spring. When not engaged in artful decoration of my car in the driveway - read: plopping all over it, they are building nests in totally unsuitable places, the latest being my upstairs bedroom window!

I awoke this morning to much skitching and skatching near the screen, only to find a rather demented looking red breast trying to assemble a nest in the crook of my open window. I stood there for a long time marveling. I knew what had to be done. It is totally unreasonable to assume that this window will be able to be permanently cranked open to the position it was in. In my infinite wisdom, I removed the screen and the flimsy beginnings of the little home and scattered them to the wind so that the Robin family could start again before it's too late.

They have now apparently chosen the Persian Lilac, one story down and close to the ground which is right next to the patio table and chairs....again...WHAT are they thinking? Bird brains indeed.
I happen to be endowed with the Debbie Travis of squirrels in my yard. As usual, she has found my landscaping unacceptable. Every year in the spring I have to peruse the neighborhood to find out where my carefully chosen bulbs have ended up. Invariably I end up with someone else's choices. It's rather like being on Trading Spaces whether you sign up or not.

Everyone is very busy out there, this will galvanize me into yard work and taking back control of the property!

Tomorrow I will report on a pair of dumb doves that I have been calling the "Coo Coo" sisters....clearly they are not sisters, but man and wife and have chosen an equally odd location on a fence where just about anything can get at them....cats, crows,....This is just too strange. Something is amiss in the animal world.

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