Thursday, May 22, 2008


I have been a little frightened lately with my "forgetfulness".

Admittedly, we all forget things from time to time, and some of these incidents are more embarrassing than anything else.

Last week I was at my doctor's office to get my allergy prescription renewed. Walking through the parking lot, back to the car, I began the mandatory hunt for the keys. As I muttered to myself and ransacked my purse, the car started honking, lights flashing, doors locking and unlocking, basically carrying on. I assumed at this point that I had put the keys somewhere on my person and the remote was now wedged, and I was setting it off. Purse on top of car,a full body-pat ensued, but turned up nothing. By now, I was peering in to see if they'd been left in the ignition, I wasn't really putting 2 and 2 together, rather, frantic and feeling totally perplexed. Just as I was about to go through the entire ransacking, patting, peeking routine one more time, my puzzled gaze fell upon the receptionist from the office, emerging, my keys in hand madly punching away at the buttons as the car escalated in noise and effects. Laughing his way toward me, and by now dangling my keys at eye level, I realized what was going on. These remotes can be launched from inside buildings and indeed the entire medical front office was having a great laugh. I'd left the keys on the counter of the check-out window. I have never done this before. Honest. The doctor will now have yet another reason to be seeing me sooner than later!

The next episode of egregious behavior was just last week. I went to the drug store to purchase some new makeup, shampoo, and mail a few things. The Shoppers near us has one of those fancy shmancy boutique sales areas and just my luck there was a "team" from Christian Dior doing free make-up demos that day. I should preface this by saying, that I DID mail the cards. After about 20 minutes under the lights, I emerged much nicer looking than I came in, and quite a bit lighter in the wallet for the experience. I then trotted off to buy the other essential I had originally planned on. Shampoo. Next morning, I'm thinking..."Did I buy that shampoo yesterday? Or did I get diverted and forget?" "No. I DID buy the shampoo. I distinctly remember telling the sales lady that I didn't need a bag as I already had all this makeup in a tote!" Next day, I return to shoppers, no make-up on, sales slip in hand...skulking to the same check-out counter. Immediately, the woman remembers, I'm not sure, as she saw me post face makeover, but there we were...she laughing, recalling events exactly as they had happened. I had walked out without the shampoo.

Remember those new glasses I got? No No No...I haven't lost them. I just keep forgetting. I do find they work nicely for watching t.v., so I leave them IN THE CASE (that's a good thing), and then I forget to put them back where they should my purse. I drove back and forth to Ottawa without the glasses. The reason I had the glasses in the first place is that everything is blurry at night now. They were left by the t.v.

I've done enough work with Alzheimer's patients to know that it's normal to go to the store and forget something, it's forgetting that you were ever at the store that it becomes a serious problem.

Now....what was I saying???????????

[Photo Credit: Forget-Me-Not (Brian Johnston Canada)]


  1. Hi Leslie This one had me laughing out loud. I can relate to so much of it (the keys, glasses and shopping) Just a little aside when on the cruise I went to a beauty workshop where the top 10 beauty secrets were to be unveiled.It was a hoot when we tryed the lip plumping cream but the part I thought you might like was that the hand cream you kindly got for us in France was one of the top 10 things. Thanks again Linda

  2. Remember me? I'm the guy who drives the other car in your driveway.

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  4. I love the forget me not. My garden in filled with them. When ever I tell Sasha he is big he always says it's glandular. So maybe your forgetfulness is glandular as well.