Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gifts for Men

Isn't shopping for men a pain? I can never think of anything that will really totally overwhelm my spouse, but I may have come close today.

We watch The Food Network quite a bit...well, I select, and LAM has been drawn in, especially to Jamie Oliver. You can go on over and see Jamie's website if you want the full meal-deal on him. We started admiring him for his efforts to change the school lunch programs in the UK and stayed on with his zanier later efforts. Lately, we've been noticing his 'Jamie at Home' series, and intrigued by it's art work, the set up he has in his own garden and the way the format informs.

Gift Number 1. Not only is this a great birthday gift for a guy, but he can also cook his way to a good life, which of course I will have to sample :)

Being a devotee of all things Darwin, how could I resist gift number 2?
This is a Sir Charles Darwin rose. How perfect!

Happy Birthday LAM. The dinner you requested will be served tonight. I look forward to the long weekend with something "a la Jamie", from the grill, and some help digging up the garden to get that rose in! I think I'm onto something with this new trend in "gifts for men".....wonder how he'd look in a Hermes Scarf???

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