Saturday, May 31, 2008


Peter and Autumn

I wanted to see what all the hullabaloo was about regarding the latest Royal wedding. First I had to find the "HELLO" [Canadian edition] magazine. The magazine seemed to be totally sold out everywhere. Just today, a friend who had been on the original foray, found a copy in a gas station and put it in my mailbox.

I think this entire idea of them selling their photos to a magazine is a tempest in a teapot. I applaud them for doing this, and keeping all other paparazzi at bay. I also think that the British media is angry because they didn't get the first scoop. A bit of sour grapes here? This is a very tastefully done spread and I hope this young couple will now enjoy a less "under the lens" life than previous royals have had to endure. Personally, I loved looking at the pictures and this certainly cures my curiosity. Thanks for sharing Peter and Autumn!

The magazine is not a bad rag as they go. Last week, I mistakenly picked up the last copy of the regular issue which profiled the pre-wedding photos. Also included in this issue were Ian Miller the Olympic equestrian...who coincidentally attended my high school in Ottawa, as well as an article on Naomi Duguid and her new cookbook. I blogged on Naomi's book a while back and went to see her on tour at UofT bookstore lectures. I think it's rather amusing that two old "Nepeanites" and the Royals were in the same issue. The recipes are good too!

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