Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Leona Lewis

Yesterday in gym class the instructor played this song for the cool down. The voice sounded very much like one of my current faves "Bleeding Love" Leona Lewis. This is the young woman that Simon Cowell and Clive Davis helped to promote. With picks like this, why bother having an Idol show at all??

I leave you with this song, so beautifully performed, that it makes me weep.

I think of my own two, now grown, beautiful children, and the first time ever I saw their faces.... I know the song is originally for a lover, but I think it's also for those you just love. I can remember seeing those baby faces, kissing their rosebud mouths, and feeling their hearts beat as I lay beside them.

They are so far away now and I miss them so much.


  1. helen said...

    What a stirring rendition of this beautiful song. Your comments about your babies reminded me of when I would hold ours and sing my own version of "You Are So Beautiful To Me". "Everthing I hoped for, everything I need", I loved those lyrics and they still hold true.

  2. Leslie This is one of my favorites too. What a wonderful rendition. Thanks for sharing. This post did bring tears to my eyes. As parents and grandparents we have to cherish these memories all the time. Missed you today Linda