Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I will spend Mother's Day with my Mother this year. It may be for the last time.

This is what my Mother looked like when I was born.

Years later, sharing a little I wish I knew now what we were discussing that day.

I have embedded a song by a young Canadian group called "Po Girl". I dedicate this song to my Mother. To hear the song, click on the start button. Happy Day to you all.


  1. Wat an absolutely beautiful picture of you and your Mom. You both look so lovely.

  2. Hope your Mother's Day was great. Irene

  3. Ma Soeur,
    Over the past week or so I have had the pleasure of perusing your blog from start to finish. You are certainly capable of keeping the reader eagerly engaged, whether describing your travels, special people in your life, or even the most mundane of household tasks. What a gift you have!
    Your tribute to your mother is especially touching today. Happily I have the PO'GIRL CD and now as I listen to that particular selection, it will have special meaning as I think of you and your mother.
    You can count on me to check your blog daily from now on for inspiration and a touch of humour, which I know you inherited from "Mother Jean".
    Thank you ma soeur.

  4. Leslie, that could be Jane or Gordon sitting on your mother's lap!! Oh sweetheart what wonderful pictures and precious words.

    I can't wait to talk with you about your day. I'll call when I get home.

    love, D

  5. Isn't it startling how genetics repeats itself. This picture looks so much like you and Jane.