Friday, May 30, 2008

The Music in me

Music is such an important part of my life, I can't imagine a day without it. I waken to classical music and play it all day, in various locations all over the house. When I get into the car, I become a mad woman flipping through my chosen channels until I find something that ROCKS.

My output at the gym is directly linked to the music in the class. I got so energized last week by Paul Anka singing "Diana", that I (and several others) was belting out the song and "stepping" along like a teenager. I cried in the cool-down. That's the effect music has on me.

One evening last week on a particularly long ride into the city, this song came on the radio. At first I thought it was Amy Winehouse, who I still like despite all her depravity. I LOVE the Stones and who could be more depraved than that old pirate Keith Richards, or Mick Jagger? I could not sit still in my seat, but I did restrain my arm movements once on the QEW.

It was "DUFFY" I had not heard of her despite the fact that I now see she is number three on the charts. I guess I've been spending more time in the house than in the car lately. I love her bluesy, smokey voice and there is something rather 60ish about that rhythm.

I spend a lot of ".99cents" on iTunes for my MP3 player, and it has to be a rule now that there is no "over stimulation" after 10 p.m. I get some of my best ideas and dance moves late at night, but the professor hates this. Our computer desks are across from one another. He's ready to close down and head off to bed and I'm dancing on the ceiling. Hence the rule.

I get songs stuck in my head and I cannot sleep. Someone once said that if this happens you just have to sing the song out loud. The professor also hates this. Especially if I have my iPod on and am doing my own Karaoke version.

I love all music except the really hard core jazz that sounds discordant to me. I'm pretty good at discerning what will be the next big hit. I wish I could be Clive Davis and pick people to have major recording contracts. That would be my ideal job.

I can put this music on and do the zaniest dance as I load the laundry...Dance like no one is watching! Keeps you young. MERCY!!!


  1. You do love your music. Thank you for sharing your choices with me on more than road trip. It's not usually something I would have chosen, but always a nice experience.

  2. Dear Dancing Queen,
    I am one of the few who would remember first seeing you dance in the 1960s, and often in the centre of the dance floor at Nepean High School with my husband. The last time I witnessed the two of you dancing your hearts out together was at our daughter's wedding, almost two years ago. Our friend put it best: "Wow ,that woman can really dance! But I was worried about Chuck. I thought she might hurt him!" Happily, he survived quite nicely. I do believe our best dance together had to be on New Year's Eve to "Gloria"! Keep dancin' girl!

  3. What a great new rendition of an old blues piece; Duffy is smokin! Wouldn't it have been great to have been there for the filming of that video?!