Monday, May 26, 2008


I used to have very good penmanship. About the only thing I practice in that regard now is the signature I use while signing on the dotted line for Visa purchases. This is why I use my Visa so often in an attempt to keep up this once indispensable art:)

The use of the computer has decimated my elegant cursive. However, now I feel as though I can change my "script" as often as my mood.

In a recent article I read:
"There was a time when a person's handwriting was thought to reveal character. But in an era when computers have made penmanship as archaic as the quill itself, a scribe's choice of font can say as much as the loops that once embellished their cursive words."
The article states that a person who chooses "Times is a little bit more of a traditionalist." The Mayor of Toronto, David Miller and Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff despite being left-wing Liberals are quoted as being traditionalists. Possibly because they use the default setting on their computers.
"Comic Sans has the same visual qualities as (nasal-voiced actor/comedian) Fran Drescher, and Verdana Bold has the same qualities as the voice of James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) - very strong, deep and bold, yet still clear.

Hitler used German Blackletter, a powerful Gothic font developed by Gutenberg. That font became so synonymous with the Nazi regime that it's rarely used today.

US presidential hopeful Barack Obama uses Gotham, a sans serif first used by GQ magazine; rival Hillary Clinton uses a serif New Baskerville. John McCain prefers a sans serif Optima. Verdana is the easiest to read on the screen."
The article goes on to say that there are now more than 25,000 different fonts, with hundreds of new ones being created every year. This means that there are hundreds of sites on-line in which to find fonts, free and or for purchase. I always use free fonts provided by scrapbooking sites, but when I want to search and see something specific I usually use MY FONTS which I read also to find out who is making these new typefaces. They have a periodic newsletter on Rising Stars and Creative Characters that lets you into a whole new world of creativity.

I wish I could use some of these fancy fonts in my blogging, but unfortunately, we are limited to the default types. Perhaps I'll send this in as a suggestion for updating the services.

Photo Credit [Kamakura Pens]
Article: Brett Popplewell


  1. Your up so early to think about fonts. I love the research you do. This article was actually a topic of discussion in our scrapbooking session this past Thursday, as were you and your research of fonts. I shall be bookmarking the sites you mentioned for later use.

  2. A very interesting post Leslie. I had never thought of fonts as being a key to character the way writing is. One way to get around the blogger restrictions might be to set the type in Photoshop and then upload it to your blog as a JPEG.

  3. You have noticed that I have posted at 7:30 a.m. That is a nice tool that you can use in blogger. It's called "Scheduled" posting. You go in under post options and change the date and time to when you want your post to appear. Et Voila! You can write up a post and schedule it for the day, time of your choice. It's also nice to use if you travel. You don't have to take the computer...just be organized ahead of time. Try it!

  4. I always like your penmanship, especially on the lined yellow paper you used in the seventies.

    Keep spending, at least they can read your sig.