Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring has Sprung

This week is going to be the start of my spring forward. I've been putting things off long enough. There doesn't appear to be any more snow in the forecast and the birds are starting to nest in their usual silly places around my house, so it's time to catapult myself into action.

Yesterday I decided it might be a good idea to "finish" something. I have enough new ideas to sustain me, probably much longer than my eyesight will. I am in hold mode now and not planning any trips, so home I am, but in need of routine.

In the very spirit of "forwardness" I have pulled out my Noah's Ark and will, at long last work on the big parts. The cabinet has to be stained and painted and the Ark itself needs to be finished. All the animals and Noah are ready to board as soon as the paint dries. This is such an old project that it was Maxine Thomas' 5th. edition. I think she is up to at least the 13th. by now. I must say that after 9/11 things seemed to radically change in the "Folk Art..Tole Painting" world. It was almost like people said...what in the world are we doing????? The world is going up in flames while we paint??? Akin to fiddling while Rome burns????

This is one of the larger pieces that I still have even the remotest interest in, the others are still shelved awaiting their turn to be picked. I don't want to get back into painting full-time, but I do want to sort through the things I might attempt and those that need to find new homes.


  1. Wow, that is a big project. It was great talking with you yesterday. Now that you have the stain you are ready to go!!
    love, D

  2. I have a lovely tree skirt awaiting you attention. Love I.

  3. I see that your creative juices are flowing again. Two wonderful passions; art and needlework. I'm looking forward to seeing the masterpieces.