Saturday, May 17, 2008

Victoria Day Weekend

QUEEN VICTORIA on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

This week in the Toronto Star there have been numerous articles on getting rid of Victoria Day. I always feel so conflicted to see that headline. The implication of us not being a "grown-up" country unless we change all of our traditional ties to Great Britain scares me. I LIKE the connection to the Royals no matter how wacky they were or continue to be. Having watched the recent mini-series "John Adams" I am also sympathetic to the "Republic" set up by the colonials. I guess what scares me is the alternative. I would far rather have The Queen and her representative in Canada, The Governor General, than George Bush or for that matter Stephen Harper being our head of state any day. The idea of turning Canada into a Republic worries me. By now my Liberal/Democratic stripes are showing.

Toronto Star: article "Let's get rid of Victoria Day"

Because Canada is a "world leader in multiculturalism and diversity" doesn't necessarily mean that we have to continually change everything. I see many "multicultural" children at my door every Halloween and I can assure you that this pagan "tradition" of dead souls visiting the mortal world is well attended by all. No one really cares about the social or religious implications of this one. Christmas...well, that's another blog. That will take considerably more time as well. Let's just leave it that I am also totally against changing that holiday name, no matter how diverse Canada becomes.

Toronto Star: Letters "Holiday sparks fireworks"

The bottom line for me is that indeed few really know or care who we are supposed to be honouring this long weekend, so does it really matter what the holiday weekend is called? Leave it alone. I will have tea and scones this weekend, and celebrate the other tradition of gardening, sprucing up the shed, spring cleaning my car, and dusting off the barbeque. I'll also hang up my flag...the maple leaf one, not the British one.

I'll leave you with all this reading to ponder and hope that you have whatever sort of long weekend you wish. See you Tuesday!

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  1. Hi Leslie Guess who's back and enjoying your blog? I had a wonderful holiday and am in total agreement with your latest post. Having just seen much beauty in many parts of Canada I am a true, proud Canadian and do still want to hold onto our past Canadian traditions (Victoria Day incl.) See you tomorrow Linda