Thursday, May 29, 2008

What does 60 look like?

I'm getting there, and people always say ...SIXTY!!! You don't look SIXTY!!! Perhaps that's because technically I'm not, for a few more months.

What does sixty look like? I know how my mother looked when my first child was born. Pretty good actually. She didn't act decrepit, and she certainly knew how to party.

Admittedly all of these sixty something women have likely had a little "work" done, perhaps with the exception of Joan Baez, I'm not sure if she'd bother. But this is how sixty is being portrayed these days. Not bad.

An old saying goes: “We don’t stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing!”

I see people at my gym in their late 70’s and early 80’s that exercise two to three times a week who appear and act quite young. They have so much fun together, are fit, and have a great outlook on life.

I am amused to see that my friend Carmi has added to her arsenal of buttons by adding a few "age appropriate" ones. Check these out Carmi's Buttons

I'll be buying these up by the fist full ....I'm at that age, and so are most of my friends. In an effort to protect the innocents, I won't post their pictures, but you all know who you are. See you in September.


  1. Well I am happy to count myself among one of your friends who has passed the 60 mark. Believe it or not I still feel great and am able to play Twister with the grandkids.Remember age is just a number and how you feel about it is entirely up to you.

  2. If running through the sprinkler and having a water fight with my Grandsons is any indication of age appropriate behavior then it would appear that I have yet to grow up. Yahoo! Life is for the living and as my dear old Dad says "it beats the alternative"