Saturday, June 21, 2008

Celebrating Colette

This is the piece that started it all. I have a peek at Colette's blog every day and this particular little bird spoke to me.

Susan Williamson had posted recently about the value in purchasing original art, and I was inspired to follow suit. This was my "First" Colette Copeland. I cruised her e-bay site in search of the little sparrow, and was also tempted not only by the auction fever, which I might add is part of the excitement, but also by her "dream series".

I have recently decided on DREAMING as the theme for the guest bedroom and had applied the wall words..."sleep perchance to dream - Shakespeare" of my all-time favourite quotes. How could I not include this one? Colette "Number 2".

At this point, on an obvious roll, I added Colette "Number 3". Dreamer. She could be related. She's definitely a guest now.

Yesterday, the news broke. Colette, see her blog "A Bird in the Hand", has been featured on the cover of Somerset Studio magazine.

This is hugely exciting for any artist. Somerset Studio is a top quality magazine enjoyed world wide. Something worth celebrating!! My heartiest congratulations go out to Colette for this defining moment. It's always a treat for an artist to be published and to be able to share their work with a larger audience. Bravo Colette. I'm so pleased for you. Rush out this weekend and get your copy, they will surely fly off the shelves.


  1. I did see Colette' post about her cover. What good news. Don't sell yourself short your sign-in book could have easily been there too.

  2. What a pleasure to see your Colette treasures featured on your blog. I'm kind of feeling like I'm their godmother!

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful post. You know I only recently connected you with the eBay winner of these pieces. I am always so HAPPY when I get Canadian bids.

    Thank you so much for your lovely words. I am proud to be a "guest" in your home. xoxo