Monday, June 2, 2008


Crocs. Apparently, you either love 'em or you hate 'em.

I LOVE 'em.

I have very problematic feet. They are narrow, high arched, sensitive to blisters and lately very hard to maintain. Crocs are perfect for such silly feet. They are cool, unrestrictive, and you never get a blister. They are about the most comfortable thing I ever wear other than bedroom slippers. I wear a lot of bedroom slippers, because my feet are such a pain, literally.

I know people who think Crocs are the worst looking thing ever. I don't get it. I think they are quite funky and I'd wear them everywhere if it weren't for the looks you get parading around in yellow duck feet.

I want them in every colour. At this point I only have black and yellow. When the yellow ones caused such comment, I went for basic black. Another good reason to be careful with the yellow ones is they attract wasps. Wasps love yellow for some reason and the little holes in the feet are particularly alluring to these stingers. I could not figure out why my foot was about burning off one day, only to find a wasp embedded on the top of my foot. I wear the black ones in wasp season.

I'm not giving up my Crocs, no matter how "dissy" people get about them. Obviously they've never tried them.


  1. I love your crocs, I could use a pair. My feet are always killing me. Where does one buy these fashion statements. I see all kinds of fakes. I kind of like red. Do you think wasps will like me too.

  2. Am among those who love crocs too. I have a pink and blue pair and am thinking of getting another colour. I wear them around the house and love the comfort. I have had many sore foot problems but the crocs seem to help. So far wasps are not attracted to my crocs.