Monday, June 30, 2008

David Suzuki

The Professor had a really interesting post on David Suzuki last week. I usually scan his posts, but not all of them either appeal to me, or are anything I can understand scientifically. This one, however, I thought important enough to share with my own "peeps". The interview of Suzuki's autobiographical book is almost an hour long, but I think it should be mandatory for everyone in the world to listen to. If you can't take the time to sit for the entire thing at one go, then fast-forward the button at a later date, but do try to get through to the end. We NEED to be thinking this way. It's Canada day tomorrow and everyone will have time to do this!

Hat tip: Sandwalk - Good Science Writers

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  1. Ma soeur,
    I have just finished watching the interview with David Suzuki. It is well worth watching for everyone I believe, and I shall do so again. I will also add his autobiography to my list of books to read. Thanks to you and the professor.