Thursday, June 12, 2008

Easy Bake Oven

Gail Thompson had an Easy Bake Oven. Why I was so enthralled with something cooked with a 40 watt light bulb is beyond me. All the cakes tasted the same...a slight indistinguishable spice flavour.

The Thompsons lived across the street and down a few houses. They were an odd family. All very pale, each one having a curious shade of red hair, no two alike. They had a very pale coloured Pomeranian dog who was a biter. The dog's name was "Pommy". The Thompsons were the least original people I have ever known. There was also a strange man who lived with them, in a room on the main floor. His name was "Mr. Howard". I never figured out how, or even if, he was related to the family. Perhaps he was a lodger. Odd, but in those days you didn't ask and you were not told, you just went to Gail's and ate Easy Bake cakes. That was the only way Gail could get kids to go to her house. Then, as now, I was a total sucker for cake!

I wasn't allowed to have an Easy Bake Oven. My mother thought that it was a ridiculous thing and said you'd probably end up with worms if you ate those wretched cake mixes anyway. My mother never used cake mixes. She was the queen of chocolate cakes, from scratch. Always in fear of getting a dose of worm medicine which came in powder form, wrapped in folded pink paper squares, I never told when I had been to Gail's.

I wonder what Gail is baking now? More importantly, I wonder if she reads my blog?


  1. WOW! I was really surprised that being deprived of an Easy Bake Oven appeared on your blog before Betsy Wetsy! But of course you finally did receive one of those as an adult right? I am sure your readers would love to hear your Betsy Wetsy woes. Just want you to know that I had neither an Easy Bake Oven nor a Betsy Wetsy, AND I never did receive the longed for jewelry box from Judy Morizak that she gave to everyone else in Grade Six. I guess when you have a December birthday, such prized possessions are in short supply! Some things you simply never forget!

  2. I too am amazed we haven't heard the Betsy Wetsy story on your blog. I didn't have a easy bake oven for the same reason, my mother never used a cake mix, even now I hide all the boxes when I bake from a mix at her house. She'd die if she knew she was eating frozen meals, occasionally. I just gave my Betsy Wetsy away, to a good home but not mine. I don't see girls playing with dolls anymore. And I certainly don't see them baking much either.

  3. I certainly hope that the Thompson's don't ever read your blog though I just love your description of them!

    I had an Easy Bake Oven but being the oldest of 7 I had to share those little itty bitty cakes with everyone in the family so I came to the conclusion that baking those well-done crispy cakes wasn't worth the effort because I didn't like my siblings all that much in those days and 1/9th of a cake pretty much just filled your cavities.