Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Canada Day - Isle Madame, Cape Breton to the Rockies

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Today I'm thinking of my country from Sea to Shining Sea. This is "Ma Tante's" darling home on the east coast. It is currently for sale.

The first time I ventured to this neat little cottage was in the fall, to partake of Celtic Colours International Festival, a world-class celebration of cultural heritage in Cape Breton.

Below: The view from the porch in the bay overlooking the Lennox Passage, Isle Madame.

Names like D'Escousse, Poirierville, Cap la Ronde, Pondville, Petite de Grat, Arichat , Martinique, and Poulamon speak to the huge Acadian presence in this part of Cape Breton. Thoughts turn to Longfellow's poem, "Evangaline", and the expulsion.

It's not all singing, dancing, clapping and kitchen ceilidhing either, there is a firm artistic bent in heritage rug hooking. One of my favourite fibre artists is
Deanne Fitzpatrick
My aunt and I got into rug hooking after a trip to "The down East rug Hooking Guild" exhibit in the Saint Joseph Renewal Centre, Mabou. We also got into some down east hooch at the Red Shoe Pub!!! Hooking and drinking seem to go together :)

This adorable home on the sea is now up for sale. (I'll be happy to handle any inquiries, this way ensuring that it passes into friendly hands:) After five years, my aunt will return to be closer to family in Ontario. I wish the professor was in retirement mode at this moment. I'd buy this little smurf house and live happily ever after by the sea. I'd collect sea glass and eat lobster ....whenever! If you are in the market, let me know...I'll come and visit.

On the other coast, our daughter Jane's roommate from McGill days is cycling from Vancouver to Saint John's Nfld! Now THAT'S from Sea to Sea! You can catch Heather's Blog "Lipstick and Lycra" for a full account of her voyage. It is such a thrill to read. I hope to have enough warning to find her on some highway as she passes nearby and cheer her on. I have also put a link on my site to connect directly.
This is a photo of one of the less harrowing parts of the ride. I can only say that riding on the Highway is no ride in the park!

Happy Canada day to one and all. OH CANADA!!! Make sure you sing at least one round of our National Anthem at full volume....I'll be listening.


  1. I'd love to see some of your rug hooking. I haven't done that yet. Putting it on the bucket list as we speak.

  2. I went on Deanne's web site, Wow, did you do one of those? They are fabulous. I'm so tempted. I think I'd have to buy the little smurf cottage to go with it though.

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  4. Happy Canada Day to you too Leslie. Last night with you and Larry was fun and a great way to celebrate Canada's birthday.

  5. I hope that you wore your little Oh Canada headband with the illuminated bobbing flags on Canada Day. I made everyone wear bracelets and badges declaring their affiliation to Canada. Couldn't sell any tattoos this year unfortunately.