Friday, June 6, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada Song

WHAT!!!! The CBC has done some really dumb things lately, but this could be the stupidest thing EVER. You CAN'T drop the HOCKEY SONG. This is our National Anthem!!

Apparently the curling fans were upset that CBC dropped the major curling tournaments and were threatening to surround the CBC building in Toronto with brooms on fire!

If this latest threat happens, and I'm hoping it won't, I'll have to come up with some suitably defiant move of my own, although I'd hate to burn a perfectly good hockey stick. My neighbor frequently uses an old one wrapped in rags soaked in fluid to get rid of wasps, so I suppose I could borrow his.

SHAME on you CBC for quibbling with a little old lady over a $500 per use fee. How much do you think that song has MADE you over the years! Good grief. STOP changing Canadian institutions. First Victoria Day and now THIS.

Hockey Song Controversy

The Toronto Star has a video asking what people thing about all of this. Keep your sticks on the ice......but be ready to MARCH with me!!!


  1. Da Da Da DaDa Da Da DaDa Da Da DaDa Daaaaaa.....
    You are absolutely right! Is this about $1000/night for heaven's sake? Barry may not sacrifice his "perfectly good" hockey stick to the cause but I know that I can find a mouldy old one somewhere. Besides, this may be slightly less contentious than some of the other equally emotional protests we have attended in the past.

  2. I agree that it is a sad day when something as institutional as the Hockey Night in Canada theme is at risk of being no more but I find it ironic how irate the Canadian public is getting over it. Where were all their protests and lamentations when the Christmas tree became the "holiday tree" and the greeting, Merry Christmas was replaced with "Happy Holidays".

  3. Since you were the one who brought it up, I just have to make the smart ass comment that perhaps hockey fans are atheists???

  4. Well isn't it nice that CTV has done the smartest thing ever!!!

  5. You're just happy that you won't be marching, hockey stick ablaze!