Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been peeking at Nina Bagley's blog since I became aware of the beast we shall name "blog". Not only is Nina a multi faceted, extraordinarily talented woman who exposes her most vulnerable poetic side, she also shares something to inspire an artistic heart through her words, photography and jewelery.

In response to the recent Democratic convention, she did a piece on "Hope". One particular part of her writing included the following book, which I hope to learn to construct some day, as well as some really interesting "defining" words. This tied in at exactly the same time as I was thinking about the outstanding Mille Femmes installation and the words that those women chose to define themselves.

Here's the exercise. Read this small part of Nina's posting, (for the full version visit her site), and then make a list of words (one word) that defines who YOU are at this very moment, and then a list of words that you "hope" you will become. It's never too late, so 'being too old' for this is not an excuse.

i see the little book i made back in 2001, one that slips inside an antique metal purse, that states on the cover what i listed within its pages. What i hope to be i've walked over to the bookshelf where it rests, and flip open the palm sized book to more closely inspect. what i am, it says, in old pasted dictionary words: mother, daughter, sister, friend, artist, lover, impatient, observant, spiritual, nurturer, open, succinct, genuine, merry, traveler, hot tempered, treasure gatherer. what i hope and strive to be: wise, quick, deep, organized, stable, steady, fortified, luminous, merciful, tender, loving, gentle, expressive, healthy, peaceful, quiet, blissful, memorable. well, one can certainly try. yes we can!

One of the responses to Nina's query about what gives each of us hope, was from her dear friend Misty Mawn. Misty's site is also worth a peek. These are two fabulously talented women. I wanted to make sure everyone could see Misty's response. I think it's SPLENDID. I will write it down and refer to it often.

hope: to believe, desire, or trust...

i hope that life will continue to give me a warm hand to hold when the days seem longer than usual, a gentle push in the right direction when my feet feel heavy, a kind gesture when i am feeling left out, an open heart to see the best in the world when my head tries to tell me differently, loving eyes to see those that need to be seen with love and not with judgment, a safe place where i can create what my heart desires and share it with those that care to see, appreciation for the little things that make every day worth being grateful to be alive, and I hope life will continue to give me time, time to be all that I am and all that i can be.
sending you much love. xo
Posted by: misty | June 20, 2008 at 11:40 AM

I have many little journals that I collect because I love the idea of journals, but I never want to start putting anything in them in case I "ruin" them. I think I'm learning from Nina that it is impossible to "ruin" must dive in and accept that this is what we are doing now...always with the hope for improvement. I'm going to list all my words and make a journal of favourites. This will be a busy summer.


  1. I'm just sitting her crying, what a great blog. You always touch me at the right time of day. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. It's been a long day.

  2. I keep going back to this post, I just love this book. Unfortuneatly Nina is not local. I also looked on the other blog you mentioned and how do they get those tools to stay on the book?

  3. Ma soeur,
    I have returned to this post many times and have so appreciated the passages on hope. I have dug up a perfectly new journal which I had tucked away and have started recording my own thoughts on "hope". Thanks for the inspiration.