Monday, June 16, 2008

Mille Femmes

I hope I can do this post justice. We are just in tonight after a rather unusual celebration of Father's Day, inasmuch as it was all about women. You will be seeing it as a scheduled post at 7:30 a.m. I will be asleep at that time, as the evening involved copious amounts of wine. More on that later.

This week, I had noticed an article in the Globe and Mail featuring one of the exhibits at BCE Place in the Luminato festival. A thousand photographs of Toronto's most creative women, each one with a word chosen by the subject to describe herself. That in itself is of enormous interest. What one word would you use to describe YOURSELF??? [I think this should be a contest, the first 5 women to comment with the word they think best describes them, will win a little prize.]

Joined by the professor and nephew Mark, (the token men for the day) we skirted a tremendous downpour and made it to the Allen Lambert Galleria, on the corner of Yonge and Front Streets. The double-sided photos hanging from the ceiling are a marvel. How did anyone get them strung up like that, four rows high, perfectly in line, undulating the entire length of this building? The installation itself was awe-inspiring.

Pierre Marval, the French artist responsible for this amazing showing has already shot "Mille Femmes" in Montreal, Paris, and Havana, with plans for Tokyo, Casablanca, Sao Paulo and other cities. His hope is eventually to host a 10,000-woman exhibit.
Centre stage, where she is used to being Fiona Reid, who as usual is too humble, or busy to inform me that she is in attendance. Perfect description Fi!!

According to the article, by James Bradshaw, Maraval stated that he chose to celebrate women because he sees a world in bad shape and in dire need of their protective virtues. "I would be very happy if the women were governing the world today. I would feel like [I was] in a plane with a good pilot."
If you have been clicking on the photos as you should have been to enlarge them and read the words....I LOVE WORDS!!! I love this entire concept...this last photo has a man in the bottom right hand corner who is craning his head upward. Jack Layton, the leader of the NDP party in the Canadian Government. He is looking for his wife's photo....again, another post. Stay tuned.

Reference: James Bradshaw - The Globe and Mail


  1. I was a little nervous when I learned that we were going to see a thousand women on Father's Day. :-)

    It was a wonderful experience. Just seeing the words that all these women selected to describe themselves was worth the visit.

  2. FI is impulsive is she? I think we should do this at our community centers, while I have no issue with the women chosen, I think there are a great many women who contribute greatly to the good of society, if only by raising wonderful sons. Like your mother in law for example. Like you with your shy boy and me with my ever evolving mechanic. Let's face it if men in leadership roles were single, life might be considerably different for all of us. Thank heavens for wives and not just because they take husbands to wonderful exhibits. I think if I would have to chosen one word it would have to be persistant . I never give up. Great blog as usual. thank you.

  3. You are indeed a brave man Larry - may I call you that? I notice that lately you are "the professor".

    I find it hard to think of you in terms of only one word Leslie; you are far more complicated that but your compassion and fabulous sense of humor are the things that I most admire about you.

    And I think for me "capable" is a pretty good descriptive.